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Dear Valued Client,
It's imperative that we emphasize the critical importance of protecting your account information. Safeguarding your email(s) and password(s) is paramount to prevent unauthorized access to your trading account. We cannot stress enough the significance of keeping this information confidential and secure. Please be aware that we cannot be held liable for any transactions or contracts executed by unauthorized third parties who gain access to your account through your shared login credentials, whether intentionally disclosed or obtained accidentally.

Furthermore, it has come to our attention that there are entities engaging in deceptive practices by falsely claiming affiliation with our organization. These entities may mislead clients by purporting to be part of our group or our business partners. They may even resort to creating clone companies, utilizing our company information, licenses, or altering contact details to extract sensitive information from clients or deceive them into initiating fraudulent transactions.

We want to emphasize that scammers may not always operate as formal entities; they could also consist of individuals posing as representatives of our organization. It's essential to exercise utmost caution if you encounter any entity claiming affiliation with us.

To ensure your protection, we've compiled a comprehensive list of known scam entities and individuals, along with their websites, for your reference. We urge you to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity immediately to our Client Support team.